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Application of surfacing technology in continuous casting equipment

At present, casting rolls have almost all been changed to surfacing alloy clad rolls. As a precautionary measure, it has not only been used as a repair method. Surfacing roller surfacing wear resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal fatigue resistance has been greatly improved. Due to the effect of thermal alternating stress, there is a general problem of thermal fatigue failure of the roller. A large number of ring-shaped thermal fatigue cracks easily occur along the roller body along the weld bead. Serious welding layer shedding and even the roller breakage have become the hardship affecting the production.


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Continuous casting rolls with WELDCLAD surfacing technology have reached more than 200,000 worldwide and WELDCLAD is a joint venture between VAI, Danieli, SMS, Demark, Davy) and other companies designated continuous casting roller surfacing process and materials suppliers. Its proven experience and know-how lies in WELDCLAD's unique oscillating automatic welding equipment and the WELDCLAD3 series of surfacing materials specially developed for continuous casting rolls, with good welding properties and heat treatment properties, extremely low oxygen content of the deposited metal , Compared with the traditional submerged arc welding and bright arc welding. It greatly reduces the thermal influence between weld bead, intergranular corrosion, inclusions and pores, and eliminates the thermal fatigue crack of continuous casting roller in use, which greatly increases the life of continuous casting roller. The service life cycle has reached the highest casting continuous casting of 5 million tons, the average 1.5 million tons of cast only wear 1 mm. The nickel-based WELDCLAD900 successfully solved the problem of non-corrosive and thermal fatigue of the foot roller and the front small roller of the 0 section under the crystallizer, increasing the life of the small roller by 7-10 times and the throughput of the steel by 1 million tons.


WELDCLAD2000 added in the material ultra-fine WC, the performance has improved than the 3 series. Life expectancy increased by 50% on the basis of the original. Two layers of surfacing material WLDC3M2H / L can ensure that the two layers of surfacing welding can get the best surface surfacing metal composition, welding costs greatly reduced. Through the appropriate materials and heat treatment process, you can make the roller for the best results. Magnetic stirrer roller skin is expensive special non-magnetic steel, special 316F can be successfully surfacing repair electromagnetic stirring roller.


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